Welcome to the Walker-Tovino Family (WTF) Recipes website! We couldn’t find an app or other website that met all of our needs, so we decided to take matters into our own oven mitts and created this website!

No one in our family really needs a food blog of their own. What we really need is a quick suggestion and a shopping list that makes sense for our household, that day. Everyone in our family has a different set of food sensitivities and preferences and we even have a bona fide “picky eater” (aka: sensory processing disorder). So, we also need a tool where we can make our own copy of the recipe with our own modifications and save it. We also don’t believe in having to pay for a subscription for every member of the family, on every single device they use!

It’s possible we are the only family on the planet who needs these features, so if this ends up being just for us, that’s fine! If you’d like to create a space for your own family (biological, found, or otherwise!) at WTF Recipes, shoot us an email at: hello@wtfrecipes.net

Buon appetito!

The Walker-Tovino Family: MikeT, AmiT, & BonnieW